“This Film Will Change Your Life?” by Martyn Taylor

I fucking love films! I love comedies! I love horror! I love action! I love thrillers! I love ….. you get the idea, right? If you think a film is good, it’s good. If you think a film is bad, it’s bad. After all it’s all about opinion, and if people didn’t have opinions, it would be a boring world. Everyone has different opinions and tastes, one mans ‘Citizen Kane’ is another mans ‘Police Academy 5’

Film critics are a breed apart, total film snobs! so when I see a billboard or see an advert for the latest ‘BLOCKBUSTER’ release, and I read the one quote that makes no sense at all.

‘This movie will change your life’

How the fuck do they figure that out then? Am I going to visit my local cinema, all sad depressed, buy my overpriced Pepsi, take my seats in an over crowded theatre, sit for 2 hours watching this ‘life changer’ with some knob throwing popcorn at me, walk out and think ‘WOW! that’s changed my life that has, I’m a better person now’ I doubt it!

The facts are if you watch a comedy you come out smiling. A horror, scared. An action flick, pumped, or a thriller jumpy. So in reality, what the quote should say is in fact…..

‘This film could change your mood…. for a wee bit’

MartynMartyn Taylor is a 31 year-old father of three and lives in Hull. His pastimes include watching 80s action films over and over again and and debating the all-time Premiership XI with Mr Miles. His knowledge of American sitcoms of the 90s stands second to none. He once walked into a men’s public lavatory absent-mindedly singing the theme tune from Two And A Half Men. You can find him on http://www.twitter.com/shirleysblower but he never tweets, so just follow him on here.


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